10 Jul 2019

Increasingly, more of us are wanting to buy from and work for ethical organisations. The term ‘Conscious Consumerism’ has been gaining in popularity and this has been identified as a key customer trend. Building a conscious organisation doesn’t happen by itself, it requires intentional action. So...

24 Jun 2019

I had just finished a speaking engagement recently when a man came up to me to ask a question. His question was: “How can I change the culture of my company when I’m not senior enough?” 

What he was really asking me was how do I drive change from the bottom up when I don't feel I have enough i...

2 May 2019

Arguably, the fastest and most effective way to tackle the macro issues identified in the Hayne Report is to tackle the ‘broken windows’ - the small infractions and slippages in standards that seem inconsequential in the face of the larger challenges (and which can sometimes be invisible), but which...

10 Feb 2019

Cultural change is as simple as 'Trust', 'Leadership', ('Respect'), and 'Communication'

I was fortunate to see the new movie “The Green Book” last weekend.  Like all great road trip movies, it was a story about freedom and personal transformation.  In one scene, the driver Tony saw a table full of co...

22 Jan 2019

Put down your smartphone and get clear on what's important

I’m writing this from a break at the beach. One of the benefits of being self-employed is the ability to work from anywhere. What I love about being at the beach is its ability to get us out of our heads and back into our bodies. There’s noth...

13 Jan 2019

Clear out the old to make way for the new.

A few years ago, I wasn’t feeling healthy.  I was a senior executive working long hours, on and off planes every week, carrying extra kilos and completely lacking in energy and enthusiasm. I knew something needed to change and I didn’t want to wait for a cri...

21 Dec 2018

“Trust arrives on foot and leaves in a Ferrari”.  Mark Carney

I’m currently teaching my teenage son to drive.  Last weekend, he drove us all to a Christmas party, from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast and back.  As we hurtled along the highway in heavy traffic at high speed, it was a white knuckled exe...

4 Dec 2018

It was announced recently that the British Publisher, Oxford Dictionaries had made ‘Toxic’ it’s annual word of the year, arguing that "the sheer scope of its application made it the standout choice," and it had "truly taken off into the realm of metaphor, as people had reached for the word to descri...

8 Nov 2018

The Banking Royal Commission interim findings and the Cricket Australia report all point to one common issue that organisations need to take heed of, if you let poor cultures fester it’s at you own peril. 

Our banks have been the pillars of our society, charged with protecting and growing our co...

14 Oct 2018

“Platinum is a symbol of true love, purity, rarity and strength.”

As a leader, you would have experienced the impact you have when you are fully in your authenticity.  You connect and communicate more effectively resulting in less conflict, your team feels heard and accepted by you, and everything se...

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